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What is the use of this EDP Training?

EDP Training is a tool that provides people who want to be entrepreneurs to start and grow their own business, with the knowledge and skills to research, create, and manage it.

What is the course duration and number of EDP course modules?

There are 22 modules in our Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) All these modules have to completed by a trainee.

What will happen if EDP course cannot be completed in time?

If it is not completed within the stipulated time frame, candidate has to register again with our portal and start afresh.

How can I register for online EDP training course?

The EDP trainees will get login through User ID (Mobile No) for joining and completing their training. It is compulsory to watch every module in focused manner otherwise it will be logout if anyone not watching it on continuous basis.

Is there any assessment for this Online EDP training?

Yes, this Online EDP training have assessment procedure also.

What is the assessment criteria for conducting the test?

Every question is compulsory to answer, you can’t skip it. The time to answer each question is 60 second. The assessment is permitted after completion of mandatory time limit fixed for each module. The assessment test of each module is limited to Two modules in a day. The candidate may also study the written material provided along with videos lectures. If there is any Internet issue, you can download it and study offline.

How can I view the status of the training and assessment?

Every candidate shall be provided a dashboard after login to view the status of training and assessment, update his profile, print certificate after completion of training.

What are the grades obtained with certificate for completion of training?

The assessment of each module will be done and after completion of all the module the following grading system shall be followed and a Letter of Appreciation will be given with following grade, along with Mandatory Training Certificate.

Grade A++ More than 90%Grade A+ Between 75% to 90%Grade A Between 50% to 75%Grade B Less than 50%The grading system is done for self-assessment purpose only
Is there any certification procedure for this online EDP training ?

Yes, the trainee will get certificate after completing proper training from Institute For Industrial Development (IID), an Incubation Centre under PPP mode with Government of India, Ministry of Micro, small and medium Enterprises

How do we get certificate for this programme?

This online Entrepreneurship Development Programme is a certification course in which a certificate for completion of training is provided.

The verification link of e- certificate shall be available on the site with unique certificate number and this can be downloaded after completion of training in computerized self-generated format.

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